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Lawn & Landscape Cleanup Service

Sloan’s Lawncare offers lawn and landscape cleanup services.

Whatever TLC your lawn needs, we’d love to provide you with a free estimate and answer any questions you have. Ask us for ideas if you are unsure how to handle your lawn or landscape’s current situation!

Leaf Removal Service

Each fall we are busy collecting and removing leaves from our customers’ lawns, landscapes, and paved surfaces.

Leaves like to gather under plants and in corners, but we use blowers and rakes to create piles of leaves and then relocate them to a woodline if available or we can haul them away with us.  Sometimes, if the amount of leaves is not too much, we can simply mulch the leaves back into the lawn with our mowers.

Call (540) 425-5959.

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General Lawn & Landscape Maintenance

Cleaning and disposal of yard waste can take you hours to do on your own, especially with homeowner-grade lawn tools.

We can handle your yard waste removal needs.  Let us take care of all that back-breaking work so you can return to your life!

We offer spring and fall cleanups, including leaf removal, debris removal, and flower bed weeding and cleanup services!

Don’t forget we also offer regular lawn mowing services.

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Our lawn and landscape cleanup service is available to homeowners, renters, landlords, and commercial businesses in Forest, New London, Wildwood, Timberlake, and nearby cities and towns in the Eastern portion of Bedford County, VA, near Lynchburg.

We promise a fair price for a top-of-the-line service you can rely upon!

Getting carried away with all the options available when choosing a landscaper is easy.

We want to get rid of all your headache. Contact us; we’ll be the last landscaping service you ever need!

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