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Sloan’s Lawncare provides the most commonly requested lawn and landscape services to keep your lawn and landscape looking its best at all times.

Learn more about our services below, such as lawn mowing, mulch installation, and pruning services.  Hire us for 1, or hire us for all!  We are happy to help out in any way we can.

Serving residential and commercial clients.

Grass cutting service Forest VA

Grass Cutting Service

We’re here for all of your grass cutting needs.  Every service includes mowing, trimming, edging, and cleanup.

Shrub pruning company

Pruning Service

We prune shrubs and trim bushes to perfection!  Let’s keep your landscape looking great and plants healthy.

Mulch Service

Mulch Service

You pick the mulch and we do the work! Mulching your flower beds has never been easier!

Landscape Cleanup Service

Landscape Cleanup Service

Whether you need leaves cleaned up in the fall or want overgrown plants trimmed or removed, we got your back!

Lawn Aeration Service

Aerating & Seeding Service

A key aspect of maintaining a beautiful lawn is yearly lawn aeration.  Seeding is available as an add-on service to our aerating service.

Excavating service

Site Prep Service

If you need a plot graded or a hole dug for a pool, pond, or foundation, we want to provide you with our bid.

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