Lawn Aeration Service

Lawn Aeration Service

If you want a thicker lawn, an aeration service may be just what the lawn doctor ordered! This service includes having your lawn thoroughly core aerated. Any area of your yard large enough for the machine to reach will be aerated.

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Regularly Core Aerated Lawns Are Healthy Lawns!

Core aerating your lawn is one of the single most beneficial things you can do to improve the health, appearance, and thickness of your turf.

Let the pros at Sloan’s Lawncare handle this vital lawn care service for you this spring or fall. Aerating your lawn by itself has numerous benefits and also creates ideal conditions to sow new grass seed into your existing lawn.

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Lawn Aeration Company
Overseeding Service

Aerating and Overseeding Service

We are happy to also overseed your lawn as part of this service. It is essential to remember how delicate young grass plants are! Watering will be required for best results. Environmental conditions outside of our control can also affect the seeding aspect of this service. We only perform seeding services during ideal times of the year, but unexpected swings in temperature or precipitation could also affect this service.

Following lawn maintenance best practices, such as mowing your lawn weekly and proper fertilization, will increase the results you get from your aeration.

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Our lawn aerating service is available to homeowners, renters, landlords, and commercial businesses in Forest, New London, Wildwood, Timberlake, and nearby cities and towns in the Eastern portion of Bedford County, VA, near Lynchburg, VA.

It is easy to get carried away with all the options available when choosing a lawn care service provider.

We want to get rid of all your headache. Contact us; we’ll be the last lawn care service you ever need!

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