Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most common questions we receive and our detailed answers.  Please get in touch with us if your question is not answered below!

Invoicing and Pricing FAQs

Are your quotes free?

Yes. All of our quotes are free, and you have no obligation to use our service. We want to provide you with our quote so you can decide on your lawn service provider.

Request your free quote here.

How can I pay for my lawn service?

We accept credit card payments, and that is our preferred method. We also gladly accept cash, checks, and money orders.

Am I invoiced before or after the work is complete?

You will be invoiced before the work is complete. Your payment is due before we leave your property after completing the work.

How much does lawn mowing cost?

Our professional, reliable mowing services start at just $40 and include mowing, trimming, edging, and grass clipping clean up each time. Large lawns will have a slightly higher price, and we will provide a free quote before we begin.

How long will it take to receive my quote?

You can expect your quote the next business day if we cannot provide you with your quote the same day. During seasonal rushes, quotes may be slightly delayed. Thanks for understanding.

Service Details FAQs

What is your service area?

We cover Forest, New London, Wildwood, Timberlake, and nearby cities and towns in the Eastern portion of Bedford County, VA, near Lynchburg.

Do you offer residential or commercial services?

We are proud to serve business owners and residents alike.

How often do you mow lawns?

We mow lawns weekly in the spring and can mow less frequently if the grass growth rate slows down over the summer.

How tall do you cut the grass?

We prefer to cut grass at the recommended 3.5″ height, but we are happy to raise or lower our mower’s deck by request within reason.

Do you bring the mulch with you?

Yes. We deliver and install the mulch after preparing your flower beds to accept the fresh mulch!

Can I pick my mulch color?

Yes, you can!  Black and brown are always the most popular mulch colors, but red can look good on some properties.  Lighter shades of brown are also available but usually cost a little more for the material.

Do you pull weeds?

We are happy to pull your weeds if you are a regular mowing client or receiving a mulching service. We cannot offer this as a stand-alone service, but please ask if you would like us to quote this while performing other work on your property. Learn more about our landscape cleanup service.

Do you haul away leaves?

Yes. We will collect and remove the leaves entirely from your property.

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